At GGP we have created the “Performance Pathway” to serve as a guide for all juniors to achieve the Performance goals they desire. The “Performance Pathway” consists of:

The GGP Developmental Junior Tour (Playing Evaluation)

Club PT Medical & Physical Therapy/fitness Evaluations

Golf Skill Evaluations

The critical information gathered through these 3 evaluations and combined with the junior’s performance goals is what determines where the junior is placed on the “Performance Pathway”.

A junior can apply for an interview if they are new to GGP’s to ensure they are placed at the correct level of the “Performance Pathway”.

8 & Under

This 1st stop on the “Performance Pathway” is a once a week 60-minute class that is designed to introduce the junior golfer to the fundamentals of the game in a way that is all about having fun, so they fall love with the game of golf. Champion golfers are not crowned here, but many would be champions are lost if their foundation isn’t laid right.

9 & Older

This 1st stop on the “Performance Pathway” is a once a week 60-minute class that is designed to introduce the novice junior golfer at 9 years old and above to the fundamentals of the game of golf as well as to develop their athletic skill set.
The 2nd stop on the “Performance Pathway” is a once a week 90-minute class that is designed to continue the Long-Term Athletic Development of the athlete, but also start to focus on developing proper golf technique. Within the foundations class you will find a mixture of juniors who are taking part in the program for enjoyment, as well as find juniors who are extremely dedicated to the sport, who are already competing in tournament golf and looking to move up the “Performance Pathway”.
The third stop on the “Performance Pathway” was designed for the junior golfer who wants to play elite junior golf. Now training becomes much more individualized to the junior, but within a group setting. The class consists of multiple ClubPT evaluations, fitness training, on course strategy development, and private one on one lessons are now introduced. This is a high level class that requires a commitment and strong desire from the junior golfer.
The 4th stop on the “Performance Pathway” is where a junior knows they want to play college golf and possibly professional golf. This class is once again held in a group setting (a max group of 4 students), with 1 on 1 instructional time as well. The junior will receive evaluations from ClubPT, bi annual club fittings, have their performance coach come observe them play, stat tracking, 1 on 1 parent and coach meetings, and goal setting sessions. The collegiate pathway is designed to prepare your junior for what college golf will require. This class requires a large commitment, and the junior will be held accountable if they do not meet their commitment.
The 5th and final stop on the “Performance Pathway” is the Pathway to Tour Performance. Its designed for the junior who has made that decision that tour golf is their dream and only certain highly motivated juniors will make their way here. At GGP we are uniquely qualified to lead our juniors to the tour. Having had multiple instructors on our staff having played at the highest levels of professional golf from major championships to LPGA and web.com tour membership. The junior will continue to develop all areas of their body under the guidance of ClubPT. By now your junior will have developed into a top player and the focus will be on refining your child’s golf DNA and making improvements to that last 1% that makes the difference between the greats and the average.