Not designed to remake your swing, but instead designed for any golfer who truly wants to experience how to shoot lower scores.   In this coaching program you participate within a team of 4 golfers and go on a 10-session journey.  This is about revolutionizing how you play golf, so that you play to the level of greatness inside of you.

Trackman Performance Program

Use the same technology the pros use in order to accelerate improving their performance. With trackman you don’t have to guess anymore as to why you hit that big miss, you can instantly know and train to resolve the issue. In this program you book time to practice on trackman. A Performance coach will be near by if any questions were to come up.
This class is held once a week for 90 minutes, and you can drop in at your convenience. Your performance coaches will set up skill development stations for you to work on your game. All that is required is you email and ask for the free game evaluation document. Complete it, email it back and go over the results in a free phone consult. There will be music and drinks at each class, this class is all about relaxing after a hard days work, while enjoying fellowship with your fellow golfers. .

Private Performance Coaching

Your traditional style of one on one coaching, except at GGP we take a more holistic approach to our coaching. We don’t just look at your swing, if we feel you might have physical limitation causing your problem we will send you over to our medical staff to be evaluated, or if there’s a club issue we will have our club fitter take a look. At GGP to serve and guide you we leave no stone unturned.


This performance program is intended for the female golfer that is interested in sampling golf, or just wants to try something new. Let us help guide you in learning the basics of the game. It will be held every Tuesday from 11-12pm starting March 5th at BridgeMlll Athletic Club. Each month will have a different theme to slowly expose you to other aspects of the game. So ladies get your group of friends together and come join GGP for an exciting class every Tuesday from 11-12pm. All classes are designed to be drop in classes so you will have the ability to attend as many classes as your schedule allows:
  • March will be used to get you familiar with the golf club and how It operates as well as the basics of the game of golf
  • April it will be used to learn about short shots around the green and putting
  • May it will be time to head to the golf course and take all of the new skills you have acquired and play from 30 yards and in.
This Performance program is intended for the female golfer who has some experience playing golf all the way to the established player. Classes will be held every Thursday at BridgeMill Athletic Club starting March 7th from 11–12:30pm. All classes are designed to be drop in classes so you will have the ability to attend as many classes as your schedule allows:
  • March will focus on preparing for the upcoming season and knocking the frost of the clubs
  • April will be focused on how to save strokes with your short game around the green.
  • May will culminate on the course and be focused on scoring from 60 yards and in.